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Libby Asbestos Victim Advocate Develops Mesothelioma

Libby Asbestos Victim Advocate Develops Mesothelioma

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Libby Asbestos Victim Apostle Develops Mesothelioma

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

One of the men who helped advance the action adjoin the asbestos and vermiculite mining industry in Libby, Montana – a boondocks in which asbestos-related illnesses could cause a disproportionately top bulk of deaths – has himself developed mesothelioma.

“This didn’t appear to us, this was done to us,” said 70-year-old Les Skramstad, a acclaimed apostle for those who accept died from or been sickened by asbestos-related illnesses. “It was done to us, and that’s what humans don’t understand.”

“I just knew, accept consistently known, what this was gonna do to us,” he said. “This has got to yield some ability that it’s not a little old problem. You’ve got to grab this affair by the horns because if you don’t humans are traveling to accumulate dying. They die a abhorrent dead. I ambition I could accomplish you apprehend what a abhorrent way to die this is.”

Working at the Mill

Skramstad formed as a sweeper at the Zonolite mill, which was after purchased by W.R. Grace and Co.

“There was an absurd bulk of dust, a actual different dust,” Said Skramstad. “It ashore to everything. It would angle appropriate up on the guy wires, it would adhere to whatever it touched. I don’t accept an explanation, but my job was to ambit it up, on all seven floors of the comminute site…

“I abdicate on annual of the dust, not that I knew it was adverse to me,” Skramstad said. “But my wife, Norita, she couldn’t accumulate up with the cleanup.”

Sickness Strikes

Skramstad developed asbestosis. His wife and kids would anon advance the aforementioned disease.

The EPA begin that the vermiculite abundance broadcast 5,000 pounds of asbestos fibers into the air every day it operated, laying a absolute of dust over elementary schools, playgrounds, and homes.

This baby boondocks of alone 8,000 humans has apparent 250 deaths acquired by asbestos-related diseases, and 2,000 added diagnoses of associated lung conditions. While mesothelioma occurs in the accepted citizenry in alone nine humans out of one million, 20 humans in this canton accept died from it.

The acknowledged action with W.R. Grace continues, admitting it moves slowly. Evidence aggregate by analytic reporters appearance that aggregation admiral knew about the problems associated with the dust even afore W.R. Grace bought the abundance and mill.

Harmed by asbestos? Do not ache silently. Please acquaintance us today for a chargeless appointment with an advocate committed to allowance humans who accept developed an asbestos-related ache and their families. You may be able to balance advantage for your pain, suffering, medical expenses, absent earnings, and more.

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Libby Asbestos Victim Advocate Develops Mesothelioma

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