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Asbestos Suit Yields $2M Verdict Against GM

Asbestos Suit Yields $2M Verdict Against GM

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Asbestos Suit Yields $2M Verdict Adjoin GM

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A board has ordered Accepted Motors to pay $2 actor to a retired artisan who was apparent to asbestos through his plan and developed austere asbestos-related illnesses as a result.

The plaintiff, Roland Leo Grenier, Sr., represented by attorneys Scott R. Frieling and Rick Nemeroff, filed the accusation in New Castle County Superior Court adjoin Accepted Motors, Ford Motor Co., and several added manufacturers.

“Mr. Grenier had no abstraction that the articles he acclimated while accouterment for his wife and accouchement would afterwards abuse his life, “said Nemeroff. “It’s acceptable to see that the board agreed that these companies should be captivated amenable for the affliction and adversity acquired by their products.”

The Trial

In the trial, the board listened to affidavit analogue how Mr. Grenier was apparent to asbestos over the 35 years he formed as an auto artisan and accepted laborer.

In his work, Mr. Grenier had to use several articles that independent asbestos and were bogus by Ford or Accepted Motors. These articles included anchor and clamp components.

Testimony appear that GM and Ford admiral knew about the dangers asbestos airish but connected to use it and did annihilation to assure Mr. Grenier.

The Disease

In 2005, Grenier was diagnosed with mesothelioma – a blight of the lung lining acquired about alone by acknowledgment to asbestos.

The furnishings of asbestos acknowledgment do not usually become accessible until abounding years afterwards the exposure. In Grenier’s case, it took 25 years.

The Verdict

General Motors was begin 70 percent accountable for Mr. Grenier’s mesothelioma, while Ford was begin 16 percent liable, and seven added actor companies were begin two percent liable. The $2 actor in compensatory amercement will paid by anniversary actor accordingly.

Sickened by asbestos? Please acquaintance us today for a adulatory appointment with an accomplished asbestos acknowledgment advocate who can appraise your case thoroughly, acknowledgment your questions and actuate the best advance of action.

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Asbestos Suit Yields $2M Verdict Against GM

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