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State Cites Company for Asbestos Exposure

State Cites Company for Asbestos Exposure

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State Cites Company for Asbestos Exposure

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The accompaniment of Maine has cited the developers of a city-limits architecture for declining to obey with asbestos laws and regulations.

The above Worster House allegedly independent asbestos while association were alive and active in the building.

The commendation has been issued to Hallowell House, LLC, a close that works renovating earlier buildings.

The Allegations

The Maine Administration of Environmental Protection inspected the Worster House afterwards accepting complaints from association claiming that asbestos fibers were bushing the air.

The commendation states that tenants were still active in the architecture if workers from Hallowell House began disturbing out the walls and advertisement them to architecture dust after aboriginal blockage for asbestos.

After the advance began, asbestos was begin in the attic and throughout the basement of the building.

Reported Violations

The commendation issued by the accompaniment claims that the company:

* Failed to acquaint the administration of the abatement and actuality of asbestos

* Failed to use those with a authorization to abolish asbestos

* Failed to accede with all applicative plan convenance requirements while agreeable in asbestos accompanying activity

(Source: Kennebec Journal)

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State Cites Company for Asbestos Exposure

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