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Homeowner Fined by DEQ

Homeowner Fined by DEQ

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Homeowner Fined by DEQ

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

A woman active in Albany, NY, was afresh fined by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The bureau alleges that the woman assassin an unliscensed being to abolish asbestos from her home.

Woman Pleads with Agency

Wanda Fay Scheler was reportedly fined $8,417 for allowing actionable workers to accomplish an asbestos abatement activity at her house.

Although, Scheler filed an address in backward January, it was allegedly denied.

Scheler claims that the activity was declared to just be painting, but the workers, after her authorization, pulled some shingles off the roof of her house.

DEQ Maintains Accusations

The DEQ claims that Scheler, who owns a rental property, assassin the workers to accomplish a advance project.

The workers allegedly removed several anxiety of balustrade that was again put into debris accoutrements and disposed of in a adjacent dumpster.

When the DEQ activated the balustrade they begin it independent 10 percent chrysotile asbestos and the insulation allegedly independent 50 percent of the adverse substance.

(Source: Democrat Herald)

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Homeowner Fined by DEQ

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